The changes that took place in the production of steel during the years were significant. Through the use of slide gates the average holding and treatment times of ladles have increased from 15 minutes to 2 hours - in extreme cases to 8 hours with temperatures as high as 1840C. These changes make an opening rate as high as possible more important than ever, as lower opening rates lead to lower quality and higher production cost. Based on these new requirements ABT offers a combination of products and services with the ultimate goal to maximize your opening rate:

1. When a new product is launched, ABT creates a checklist for every steel mill. During this step we collect those parameters that influence the opening rate and are needed to optimize the opening rate.
2. Based on the data collected we make a first proposal for the expected enhancement of the opening rate and offer a customized filling sand that meets the customers' requirements.
3. During a test phase we modify - if required - the component ratio of the raw materials.
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